Level 2 Manual Handling Principles & Practice

Level 2 Manual Handling principles and practice OFQUAL RQF training course



Manual Handling Training is required if staff are undertaking potentially hazardous manual handling activities and providing effective training is a legal requirement under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations.  Manual Handling injuries caused by improper and poor lifting techniques account up to 25% of all reported workplace accidents.

The risks arising from manual handling have been recognised by the Health and Safety Executive as evidenced in their regulations and advisory notices promoting good practice.  Employers are required to take appropriate steps, including training, to reduce the risk of injury to employees who carry out any manual handling activities at work.

This Manual Handling of Inanimate objects course aims to provide delegates with the knowledge to reduce the risks from Manual Handling activities and understand the basic technique for lifting of inanimate objects in a safe manner. This level 2  qualification is designed for those who carry out manual handling of inanimate objects at work and provides essential information about controls and hazards.



The minimum classroom contact time of 6 hours should be delivered over a minimum of 1 day. The course can be spread over a maximum of 3 weeks, ensuring that each session is a minimum of two hours. The class ratio for this qualification is a maximum of 16 learners to 1 Trainer/Assessor.

Course content

  • What is manual handling?
  • Manual handling injuries
  • Legislation
  • Avoiding manual handling
  • Accident reporting
  • Risk assessments
  • Risks associated with lifting and handling
  • Loads
  • Working environment
  • Other environmental factors
  • Individual capability
  • Good practice
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Manual Handling Training




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The qualification is assessed through practical demonstration, oral questioning and written assessment. A learner must successfully pass both the written and practical assessments to achieve the qualification. There is no grading of the assessment;learners pass or are referred.

Practical assessment

Scenarios will be set to enable a learner to demonstrate their knowledge and practical skills. During the practical assessment, the learner will be asked supporting questions by the Trainer/Assessor. The practical assessment is ongoing throughout the course but the Trainer/Assessor will make learners aware of when they are being assessed. The learners will be asked to:

• Demonstrate efficient and safe manual handling when moving a load or object manually on your own

• Demonstrate efficient and safe manual handling when using manual handling aids and equipment

• Demonstrate efficient and safe manual handling when undertaking a manual handling task as part of a team

• Answer questions and explain their understanding of the reasons for safe manual handling

The learner must satisfactorily complete each scenario to successfully pass the practical assessment. Written assessment. The learner will also need to complete a written assessment paper containing open and multiple choice questions. Trainer/Assessors may also ask a learner additional questions if felt necessary to confirm their knowledge and understanding.




Level 2 RQF  certificates   for the successful   delegates  will be posted  from an OFQUAL regulated Awarding Body to the course organiser.   The qualification does not have an expiry date but refresher training and keeping up to date with changes to policies, procedures and new legislation through ongoing CPD is vital.


Important Information


Please note that the candidates should have satisfactory English literacy and numeracy skills to understand the course and to complete any assessments.


  • The training room should be quiet and of appropriate size.
  • Staff should be off work and not expected to be on duty.
  • Staff attending should remain on the course for the entire duration of the training course.
Level 2 Manual Handling training course
OFQUAL SQA RQF manual handling training course