Nutrition Awareness

Nutrition awareness training course

Nutrition Awareness training course




This Awareness course is designed to provide candidates with an introduction to Nutrition awareness and how best to enable service users to choose and consume food and drink by mouth.  Delegates will understand how to assess the specific nutritional requirements and needs of each user. Delegates will be able to  identify the key minerals and nutrients which patients may require but also learn  that  the actual support required by the service user will be dependent on their specific  individual needs. Candidates will gain an understanding about malnutrition and the implications of malnutrition on the individual's physical, psychosocial and mental health. Delegates will also learn about  the good and bad effects of food on the body and general heath of the user and how to make any appropriate  changes to the diet and nutrition  according to any  illness or condition the user may have.




 2 to 2.5 hours.


Course content


  • Nutrition and Nutrients
  • Nutrition and Bodily Functions
  • Types of Nutrients
  • Nutritional Requirements
  • What is malnutrition?
  • The Malnutrition Carousel
  • Signs of Malnutrition
  • Contributory factors in health care
  • Clinical Factors leading to Malnutrition
  • Lifestyle and Social Factors
  • Psychological and Emotional Factors
  • Under Nutrition
  • Over Nutrition
  • Effects of Poor Nutrition
  • Nutrition and the Elderly
  • Consequences of specific micronutrient deficiencies
  • Consequences of malnutrition in children and adolescents
  • Choking Risk Assessment
  • Choking andCare Plan
  • High Risk Foods for Choking
  • Diet Options
  • Liquids and Choking
  • Do's and Don’ts of Eating
  • Oral Supplements
  • NICE Guidelines
  • Malnutrition Advisory Group
  • MUST (Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool)
  • CQC Standards
  • Treatment of Malnutrition
  • Enteral tube feeding (Enteral Nutrition / EN)
  • Parenteral Nutrition (PN)





Please contact MEDISAFE TRAINING  today on   0121 769 2827 for a very competitive unbeatable quote. The course price includes course handouts and certification for each delegate.




Assessment is ongoing by the instructor.



A certificate of attendance from MEDISAFE TRAINING will be emailed within 48 hours to the lead person subject to successful completion of the course by the delegate. Hard copy certificates can be provided at additional cost per certificate.


Important Information


Please note that the candidates should have satisfactory English literacy and numeracy skills to understand the course and to complete any assessments.


  • The training room should be quiet and of appropriate size.
  • Staff should be off work and not expected to be on duty.
  • Staff attending should remain on the course for the entire duration of the training course.
Nutrition Awareness training course