Forestry First Aid

Forestry First Aid training course




This Forestry First Aid (+F), course has been designed to provide the knowledge and competence for a learner to deal with emergency first aid situations in a forestry/agricultural environment. It is designed to accompany a suitable Emergency First Aid at Work or a First Aid at Work course. Learners must hold a First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid at Work qualification before attending this course. The topics covered in this course are in accordance with current guidelines published by the UK Resuscitation Council.

Course  structure

This Forestry First Aid course is designed to accompany an Emergency First Aid at Work or a  First Aid at Work qualification. This 2 hour course can also be added to an Emergency First Aid at Work course to make an  Emergency First Aid at Work plus Forestry First Aid course.   





This Forestry First Aid training  course is taught over a single  2 hours session and consists of theoretical and practical sessions. This course can also be combined with 1 day  Emergency First Aid at Work course or a 3 days First Aid at Work course. The class ratio for this qualification is a maximum of 12 learners to 1 Trainer/Assessor.



Course content


  • Planning for a first aid emergency
  • Managing an unresponsive casualty when assistance is more than 30 minutes away
  • Demonstrate how to control catastrophic bleeding using:

• Direct pressure

• Haemostatic dressings

• Tourniquets

  • Manage a casualty suffering from hypovolaemic shock
  • Recognise a casualty with a crush injury
  • Identify how to administer first aid for a casualty suffering a crush injury who has been:

• Crushed for up to 15 minutes

• Crushed for over 15 minutes

  • Recognise hypothermia
  • Identify how to administer first aid to a casualty suffering from hypothermia
  • Recognise suspected Lyme disease
  • Identify how to administer first aid for a tick bite
  • Identify how to prevent a tick bite



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This course  is assessed through practical demonstration and oral questioning. Scenarios will be set to enable a learner to demonstrate their knowledge and practical skills. During the practical assessment, the learner will be asked supporting questions by the Trainer/Assessor. The practical assessment is ongoing throughout the course but the Trainer/Assessor will make learners aware of when they are being assessed. Learners will be assessed on:

  • Emergency planning and remote medical assistance
  • Catastrophic bleeding
  • Crush injuries
  • Effects of extreme cold
  • Lyme disease

The learner must satisfactorily complete each scenario to successfully pass the practical assessment. There is no grading of the assessment; learners pass or are referred. Trainer/Assessors may also ask a learner additional questions if felt necessary to confirm their knowledge and understanding.





A Forestry First Aid course certificate  lasting three years will be issued  by MEDISAFE TRAINING subject to successful completion of the course by the delegate. The certificate will only be valid when accompanied with  a current in date  Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) or a  First Aid at Work (FAW) certificate.

Important Information 


Please note that delegates must be at least 18 years of age and be physically able to carry out the procedures detailed in the course outline and must attend all sessions to be eligible for assessment.


Delegates should have good English literacy and numeracy skills to understand the course and to complete the assessments.


Please also note that ID will need to be checked at the outset of the course for candidate verification process. 


  • The training room should be quiet and of appropriate size.
  • Staff should be off work and not expected to be on duty.
  • Staff attending should remain on the course for the entire duration of the training course.



Forestry First Aid training course