Combined First Aid courses

Combined First Aid training courses


Our combined First Aid at work courses are designed for people who need to comply with health and safety requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the First Aid Health and Safety Regulations 1981 in the work place. These combined courses are suitable for those delegates who have to deal with both adult and paeditraic first aid emergencies at their workplace.

Combined First Aid courses are a great way of reducing costs and the time off work required for delegates to attend the courses separately while covering all the necessary information detailed in each course. Different combinations of Adult and Paediatric First aid courses are available.

We can arrange and provide both in house and OFQUAL regulated RQF accredited combined First Aid courses and certificates with prior agreement.

We offer  flexibility of accommodating in house training courses at your work place at a time convenient to you during weekdays, weekends or evenings.


We  also offer onsite First Aid bespoke training courses according to your own specific training requirements in the work place.

Our  two-days Paediatric First Aid course satisfies the guidelines and criteria as laid down by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and OFSTED.

MEDISAFE TRAINING provides numerous onsite combined First Aid training courses throughout the UK including:

    First Aid Training courses
    First Aid Training courses